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There Are 4 Innovation Personalities. Which 1 Are You?

Here is a personality test for leaders: those who create products, services, and businesses; those who manage teams big and small; and those who have to be agile thinkers to face complex challenges. Read through the four groups below–Revolutionary, Evolutionary, Traditional, and Reactionary–and see where you fit in as a leader. Then think about your team. And then your organization. Where do they fit? And how can you collectively achieve the change and innovation needed?

I have a soft spot for Revolutionaries, because dedication to innovation is thrilling, and it makes you feel like you’re living at the cutting edge and serving a bigger purpose. I have also learned how quickly scales can change, and top organizations and their leaders can get burned out and retreat to the safety of incremental change. Inversely, Evolutionaries can become Revolutionaries; and Naysayers can become the best advocates for disruption once they see the value of being a Revolutionary.

Being in service of people, solving problems for others, making someone’s life better, more joyful or easier–which is what innovation is about–is not a talent that only a few can attain. Neither is it a static skill that, once acquired, stays with you. It is an organic set of skills, tools, and processes you decide to acquire, practice and keep. In other words, it is inclusive and accessible, if you know where you are now and where you want to be in the future, which is where this quiz comes in handy.

What is your current innovation personality? What personality do you aspire to be?

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September 2, 2020